At least 50 dead after Isis truck-bomb attacks in Kurdish-controlled Syria

“A triple truck-bomb attack carried out by Islamic State in north-eastern Syria killed at least 50 people and wounded 80 others, a spokesman for the Kurdish militia that controls the area has said.”

“The town, in the province of Hasaka, is controlled by the Kurdish YPG militia, which has been battling Isis with the support of US-led airstrikes. Kurdish fighters have advanced in the province in recent weeks, notably with the takeover of the town of al-Houl by a US-backed rebel alliance that includes the YPG.”

“The three blasts, carried out by at least two suicide bombers, hit outside a hospital, at a market and in a residential area in the town of Tel Tamer late on Thursday, the YPG’s Redur Xelil said. “There is massive destruction in the town, and the number killed is between 50 and 60, all of them civilians,” he added.” (Coordination Center)



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