What did the Turks know about ISIS attacks into Assyria Nineveh Plain which others did not?

On 16 DEC 15 16:30 Nineveh Time, ISIS began attacking deep into the Kurdish Administered Territories in Northern Iraq.  All the areas from Mosul to south of Erbil to include the towns of Nawaran and Kalak are under attack.

ISIS is trying to cut off the main road linking Dohuk and Erbil to place pressure on Erbil which will also place the major Yazidi refugee camp in BaEdra next to Shaikhan under duress.  If ISIS is successful it will be able to cut off the main road between Dohuk and Erbil. If they take Kalak Erbil will be under direct artillery strikes with the fall of Kalak and Makhmour.

The Assyrian Army is currently engaged in heavy fighting in Assyria Nineveh Plain against ISIS forces.

So the follow on question needs to be asked:  What did the Truks know when they pulled their forces from the same area two days prior to todays ISIS attacks?

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