ISIS Selling Yazidi Women and Children in Turkey

“This month, the German television station, ARD (Consortium of Public Broadcasters in Germany), produced footage documenting the slave trade being conducted by the Islamic State (ISIS) through a liaison office in the province of Gaziantep (also known as Antep) in Turkey, near the border with Syria.”
“In August 2014, Islamic State jihadists attacked Sinjar, home to over 400,000 Yazidis. The United Nations confirmed that 5,000 men were executed, and as many as 7,000 women and girls made sex slaves.”


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  1. Dear sir. I decided to assist in making regular financial contributions and posted information on face to share with others. I also want to assist those in Assyria with helping them to understand the bible prophecies regarding their current circumstances and let them know that I will give them both biblical/theological and financial support. could you please get this to those in Assyria.

    Is the beast starting to rise?
    The following is a summary of Bible passages that assist us in Identifying just who the Antichrist is when he arrives on the scene. Some of the passages listed below have been misapplied to past events that lack one or more element for a complete fulfillment thus disqualifying them for the fulfillment. Some have been misapplied to supposed future events ( the Invasion of Israel by Russia or the revival of the Roman Empire ) that cause us to look in the wrong direction. I want to start with Ezekiel 38:17. That verse alone serves as they key to understanding who Ezekiel is talking about. While I do not have the time to write an entire book on the subject I do want to list the key passages that are essential in identifying the beast/antichrist.
    Ezekiel 38:17 says that Gog is mentioned in most if not all of the prophets form the beginning. So lets’ go have a look. We should find him, his people, his actions, his rise, his location, his enemies, his moves against Israel his doctrine and, his end much like it is in Ezekiel 38.
    From the beginning he is the seed of the serpent in Genesis 3:15
    Enoch the first prophet indirectly refers to him when he says that the Lord will judge the ungodly for all of their ungodly speeches they have spoken against the Lord. Jude 15 KJV.
    David opens Psalm 2 with him when asks why do the nations rage and the people plot a vain thing. He concludes that he shall break them with a rod of iron and dash them to pieces.
    The psalm of Asaph the generation of the wicked.
    Psalm 83 with its impending war .
    In Isaiah 14 he is the king of Babylon vs 4 , he is Lucifer v12, he is the man that made the earth tremble and did shake the kingdoms v 16 . He is the Assyrian that God will break in the land of Israel and the mountains of Israel He is a yoke on Israel vs. 25.
    He is the yoke upon Israel Jeremiah 30:6-8
    He is the little horn and the vile king of the north in Daniel 7 and 8, 11:21-45. Who speaks blaspheme, makes war with the saints, uproots the kings, rises out of the territory once controlled by alexander’s successors. He is greater than all of his predecessors, is very smart ( understanding dark sentences ) has a message of peace destroys strong holds at will, moves in a southern and eastern direction and towards Israel, IS OPPOSED BY EGYPT, moves with great speed and destroys his enemies from without and within and ascends himself to be God but attributes his power to another god for his power comes from another 8:24. He will have power over times and laws and make war with the saints
    Possibly Hosea 13:4 with a reference to the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37 he will have brought Israel to the brink of extinction.

    His is the northern army of Joel 2:1-20 and among the nations that are in the valley of Jehosaphat Joel 3
    His is the sinful kingdom that God destroys Amos 9:8-15.
    He is among the strangers in the land who carry off the Jews and delivers Israel over to Edom. See all of Obadiah but in particular vs. 11. He is with those who commit violence ( khaw-mawce Hebrew/chaldee strongs # 2555 or HAMAS in English )
    He is the Assyrian from the land of Nimrod who is laid waste by the man who comes forth out of Bethlehem whose origins are from of old Micah 5:1-15 particularly vs 1-6.
    He is the wicked counselor, who is quite and yet many. The yoke who imagines evil against the Lord who comes out of Nineveh who is known to be vile Nahum 1:1-14.
    He is the Chaldean who rises to power when lawlessness prevails whose horsemen come from faraway places to engage in violence of who the heathen are told to run when they read the vision that is appointed for the time of the end. He will have a change of mind and worship a different God. Habakkuk 1-2:4. Hint there MAY BE a connection between the vile nature of this individual seen in Daniel and the shameful spewing of the for skin. Just thinking out loud. See 2:16.
    Nearly all of Zephaniah.
    Haggai 2:2-21. His is the army that eventually destroys itself
    Zechariah 12. The destruction of his kingdom
    Malachi 4:1 The destruction of his kingdom
    Now if it is true that he is mentioned in most if not all of the prophets then it is reasonable to assume that he is mentioned in the writings of the Apostles.
    2nd Thessalonians 2: 1-12. The one who is revealed in concert with the great falling away and before our gathering together unto the Lord. Who sits in the temple claiming to be God. See Ezekiel 28:1-10 who is wiser than Daniel ( able to understand dark sentences Daniel 8:23) . His coming comes with a strong delusion SENT BY GOD to deceive the wicked ? He is the mystery of iniquity that was already starting to work. What is the mystery of iniquity? It is the opposite of the mystery of godliness found in 1 Tim 3:16 KJV . That is God manifest in the flesh vs Satan manifest in the flesh. See Isiah 14:12-16 Lucifer thou art the man. He is antithesis of God manifest in the flesh. Even in Paul’s day the ground work was being laid. But how ? By the spirit ( doctrine of ) antichrist.

    The spirit of antichrist. Just like there were types of Christ there will be types of antichrist. 1 John 2:18
    Examples of types of antichrist : arius

    Abd Al Malik
    The type will always possess one or more of the characteristics but will fall short at some point. Wrong nationality, doctrine, kingdom, time or whatever else will always be there to tell us that the person in question is only a type but not the fullfillment
    The Spirit ( doctrine ) of Antichrist is to deny the father hood of God, The Son ship of Christ and the incarnation 1 John 2:22-23 4:3 and 2nd John 7.
    This spirit ( doctrine ) was first manifested thru Gnostic teaching and really took off under Marcion . Islam barrowed form Marcion in that they deny the father hood of God, The Son Ship of Christ and the incarnation. They also barrowed from Marcion who said that Jesus only appeared to die but God rescued him from the cross before he died. This is a major Identifying factor
    Now to the next major indicator. Just like we were taught in Ezekiel how to I.D. Gog by looking for him in the prophets from the very beginning. Revelation Also tells us how to spot him as he rises to power by telling us when. That is right.
    Revelation 13. Tells us many things regarding the beast. He is like a leopard having the feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion. This imagery comes right out of Daniel 7. The Lion is the Babylonian empire. The bear is the Persian Empire. The leopard is the Greek empire. His territory constitutes territory that all three once possessed. THERE IS NO MENTION OF ROME. People forget that Rome was divided into two kingdoms. East and west. The west fell in 476 A.D. but the seat of Rome was transferred to Constantinople in 330 A.D. and continued 1100 more years. Some want to say the ten horns mentioned along with the ten toes of Daniel are the nations of Europe. But there are 27 nations of Europe and they for the most part did not begin to take shape until 1300 A.D. 900 years after the fall of the Roman west.

    According to Revelation 13 and 17 the beast has seven heads and ten horns. We are given exact details as to what is meant. The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits. The seven mountains have NOTHING to do with Rome. We are told in the passage what they are. They are seven kings. It is really clear both in the KJV and NASB , 17 10 and they are seven kings; NASB or and there are seven kings kJV. Either one works because of what follows; five have fallen, (which means they have come and gone) one is,( currently present) the other has not yet come; ( not present ) and when he comes, he must remain a little while. Those three statements make it impossible to be literal mountains/hills that Rome sits on. So what or who are the five kings/mountains. The bible routinely uses mountains or hills to refer to kingdoms. The seven kings are: Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, OTTOMAN/TURKISH. The eighth empire is of the seventh. The seventh empire was the Ottoman empire it was fairly short lived compared to Rome. It revieved it’s deadly wound just after WW1. It was centered in Turkey and had it’s beginning in and around Pergamos the seat of the beast. Revelation 2:13/13:2. The eighth empire is of the seventh for it is the revival of the seventh. In other words when the eighth empire rises the deadly wound of the seventh will be healed. From Egypt to the Ottoman Empire we had seven successive empires until the death of the seventh. When the Ottoman Empire died it was broke up into several nations but ten of them will be part of the eighth empire. It will be in the days of those kings the God will set up his kingdom. Daniel 2:44
    Thus far here is what can be reasonably deduced from the known passages regarding the one we call antichrist.
    1. He is the seed of the serpent.
    2. His nationality or origination is associated with both Babylon and Assyria.
    3. He is called by many names. The seed of the serpent, Gog, the Babylonian, the Chaldean, the Assyrian, the man of sin, the mystery of iniquity, the man who shook the nations, the yoke upon Israel, the stranger in the land, the king, the little horn, the wicked counselor, the Antichrist and the beast.
    4. He appears to originate in an area once controlled by one of the four kingdoms that came out of Greece. From there he is able to move north ward south ward and toward the beautiful land.
    5. He may be a soft spoken person with message of peace but definitely one of blasphemy.
    6. He will uproot three kingdoms but will have a kingdom that consists primarily of a confederacy.
    7. His kingdom will be the resurrection of a former kingdom but will be even greater.
    8. His kingdom will be centered in turkey most likely in Pergamos.
    9. Egypt will be His Enemy
    10 His doctrine will be to deny the Fatherhood of God. The Son ship of Christ. The incarnation and possibly the death burial and resurrection of Christ.
    11. A Number will be associated with his name.
    12 He will perform false wonders, be given power over laws and times.
    13. He will sit on the mercy seat as God
    14. He will have foreign fighters who come to commit violence
    15 he will have a change of mind and offend many by worshiping a god who his fathers did not know
    16. He will make war with the saints.

    Based on the above we should not be looking for someone from Europe, nor be worried about imbedded computer chips, or listening to rumors about a computer in Belgium called the beast.
    For the first time in history we have a man coming into view that seems to be a really good if not the best candidate do date. Thus far Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi of ISIS is fitting the bill. He is from the right location samara Iraq ( Babylon ), has the right doctrine, is rising to power in the right location Mosul/Nineveh , is attempting to bring back the right kingdom the Ottoman, is confessedly at war with the cross, is moving in the right geographical direction, wants to establish turkey as the center of Islam, has foreign fighters, is receiving commitments of loyalty from people in different countries, is forming a confederation, is opposed by Egypt, presents his message as one of peace, is trying to uproot three kings ( Syria Iraq and Lebanon ? ) and who knows what else he is up to. There are still other things that have to fall in place but in a sort of wicked since one has to say so far so good. If it were just the geopolitical movements alone we would have more than enough to give him a real hard look. But we have more than just that. We have the blood moons taking place with the solar eclipses to follow. We have the woman preparing to be clothed with the sun, and the moon at her feet and prepping to give birth on the feast of trumpets 2017. Finally the seventh kingdom died and Israel’s 2520 years of worldwide dispersal has Ended with the land coming back to life and the HAMAS are in the land. These and the above mentioned should have us all taking an inventory of just were our riches are.