Indonesian Authorities Warned Last Month of Terrorist Threat

During our interviews on 7 and 12 JAN NEC-SE stated that this war will expand to Asia and that the first six months of 2016 will be possibly the most bloodiest months in regions history.

The AP report states:

“The deadly attacks Thursday in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, were not a complete surprise to Indonesian authorities, who warned last month of a credible threat. The government had deployed 150,000 security personnel to safeguard churches, airports and other public places across the predominantly Muslim nation, and made a series of pre-emptive arrests. A series of arrests accompanied the warnings, as Indonesian police said they foiled a plot by suspected Muslim militants to kill government officials, law enforcement officers and others.”

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Indonesia Explosion

Indonesian soldiers stand guard near the site where an explosion went off in Jakarta, Indonesia Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016. Attackers set off explosions at a Starbucks cafe in a bustling shopping area of downtown Jakarta and waged gun-battles with police Thursday, leaving bodies in the streets as office workers watched in terror from high-rise windows. (AP Photo/Dita Alangkara)

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