German Bundeswehr weapons reportedly resold by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters

NEC-SE wants to know if NATO and the Coalition Forces have ever asked the KRG why the weapons which are being given to the Peshmerga to fight against ISIL are ending up in ISIS fighters’ hands?

Well, NATO and the CF have now finally realized that direct weapon shipments being sent to the KRG to fight ISIL are ending up in the hands of ISIS fighters. The same serial numbers of the weapons being given to the KRG have been picked up off the battlefield in the hands of dead ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria.

“According to the report on Thursday, the German Defense Ministry said the government of Iraq’s Kurdistan region was responsible for the weapons, adding that they had ‘committed themselves to the correct verification of the delivered arms’ and to using the supplies in accordance with international law. ¬†Tracking individual weapons by German forces was neither intended nor possible.”


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