Assyrian Expert: Support for Kurdish Self-Governance in Syria Will ‘Kill Christianity’

NEC-SE CEO was interviewed by Breitbart about Syrian peace talks and partitioning, the KRG land desires, and the future of Assyrians (the root of Christianity) in Iraq and Syria.

McGurk was quoted by Rudaw as saying that he is including Christians in the talks to grant more local autonomy to the Kurds in Iraq.

“When America and its Western allies, all part of the Christian world, say we’re going to take this land and give it to Kurdish Muslims who don’t practice the Christian Assyrian culture, they are doing nothing more than killing Christianity in the Middle East with their own hands and they don’t even know it. They’re killing it,” declared the retired U.S. Army veteran, head of the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement.

“That is what ISIS wants. That’s why they are destroying Christian monuments,” he added. “ISIS is trying to eradicate the Christian Assyrians. They’re killing Christianity and we’re helping them.”

Col. Sangari said the Assyrians are not opposed to the Kurds having their own region in the Middle East, they just do not want their lands to be part of it.

“They have to have a place and separating the Assyrian lands from Kurdish territory would actually bring peace to the region,” he acknowledged, “because if the Kurds are given the Assyrian territory they will be right next to the Sunni Arabs who hate them.”

“The Assyrians want to do the same thing America does, which is to form a unified, federalized Iraq,” he added.

“Assyrians can’t be part of a unified, federalized Iraq if the Kurds are allowed an independent state because Iraqi Kurdistan as it’s drawn means there is no Assyrian area,” explained Sangari.

“The reality is that the land which is being promised to the Kurds does not belong to the ones promising it to the Kurds or the Kurds who are intent on taking the territory that does not belong to them,” he said. “The Assyrians only had 39 villages in the entire country of Syria and now [Obama] administration leaders and the coalition, following their lead, is giving the land to the Kurds to win them as allies in Syria.”

Sangari went on to say that it appears the U.S.-led coalition’s war in Syria is ultimately about ensuring Kurdish autonomy, not defeating ISIS.

McGurk was quoted by Rudaw as saying that he is including Christians in the talks to grant more local autonomy to the Kurds in Iraq.

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