The World’s Oldest Love Poem

On 29 JAN 16 NEC-SE stated: “The difference between todays ISIS and the ancient peoples of the cradle of civilization-who are the Assyrians of today-is that the ancient peoples of the land and their Empire contributed to human history in a way that Islamic State will never be able to achieve. This is due to the fact that fundamentalist and their Islamic State do not create anything for the benefit of the world community. They lack the ability to manufacture a simple screw driver or a hammer, both of which they had to purchase from others in order to destroy the ancient artifacts of the land they believe their Islamic State has a right to claim as its own for their nation in order to unleash an ancient prophetic battle in which people must die.”

The 13 AUG 14 article by Joshua J. Mark looked at, The World’s Oldest Love Poem. It is a tribute to the fabric of the Middle East which is being destroyed by ISIS and the people who either directly or indirectly are supporting their ideology.

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