Flash: Turkish Army HQ attacked – Update #3

Breaking news: At 18:00 Istanbul time the Turkish Army HQ in Ankara was shattered by explosions from two bombs.  The bombings took place in the Kizilay District, approximately 3 KM from Ataturk’s Mausoleum and 100 meters from the main gate to the HQ.

The current count of dead has risen to 21 with at least 68 wounded.  The numbers may rise because one of the bombs seems to have been exploded in the metro station in front of the army building, with civilian casualties the likely result during the rush hour.   RTE is blaming PYD for the attack.

Initial reports have the bomb as a Suicide Vehicle Improvised Explosive Device (SVBIED). The device is reported to have been approximately 50kg in a hijacked bus.

The secondary explosive device was initially reported as a probable “magnetic fixed bomb” attached to a passing government “service vehicle.” The driver of the vehicle is also reported to be a suicide bomber who was killed in the blast.

Given that “Fixed magnetic bombs” are not something usually used in conjunction with a suicide bombers it may be likely that the secondary device could have been a secondary device designed to slip into a secure facility during the resulting chaos from the first device. If confirmed, it would be a complex attack that Turkey, as well as allies should be thouroghly familiar with detecting and responding to. Unfortunately not many receive or retain that institutional knowledge. The NEC-SE will continue to monitor developments as they unfold.


Initially all Twitter and Facebook from Turkey were blocked or offline.  Currently those services are starting to be restored as Turkey is getting back to the new normal prior to tomorrows U.S. Russian discussions on Syrian military “coordination” efforts.

The army HQ is near the parliament building  The bombs were detonated in conjunction with the movement of military personnel into the HQ.

As a side note the usual Tactic Training and Procedure (TTP) of using hijacked buses to conduct attacks has been associate with Hamas and other like organizational TTPs.

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