What new developments await the coming Mosul fight?

The question needs to be asked as to why ISIS has now decided to attack Baghdad? Since June 2014, ISIS has tried to shape the battlefield and to control the battlefield tempo, despite making multiple and key tactical mistakes in recent months. It now seems that ISIS is specifically trying to shape the battlefield prior to the CF attacks into Mosul.

As the Mosul fight nears its launching timeline, ISIS has flexed its operational capability to keep the CF honest when it comes to the ground routes that they will choose when attacking Mosul. Unfortunately, for the Assyrian Christians of the Assyria Nineveh Plains, it seems that this war may be waged along the eastern side of HWY #2 if ISIS achieves success in Baghdad.

On 28 FEB 16 “Suicide bombers and gunmen attacked Iraqi army and police posts on the western outskirts of Baghdad Sunday, killing at least 12 security forces and seizing positions in a grain silo and a cemetery, officials said.”

“The largest assault near the capital in months was still raging, said security officials who blamed ISIS. A news agency that supports ISIS said the group had launched a “wide attack” in Abu Ghraib.”

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