Why does the KRG need Russian anti-aircraft systems (Zu-23-2 E) in Erbil?

On 14 MAR 16 in a ceremony in Erbil, the same day that HR 75 passed in the US House of Representatives and whose language took the KRG one step closer to statehood, the Russians gave the Kurdish Regional Government Anti-Air systems (Zu-23-2 E).


Unless the KRG is going to target coalition aircrafts or NATO/Turkish aircrafts in the region, the question needs to be asked why the KRG is receiving Russian Anti-Aircraft missiles given the United States has been the KRG Air-force since the no fly zone was established in the Iraqi North in 1991. For the past 25 plus years, the American Air Force has been the KRG Airforce and now, our payback is the KRG receiving Russian Anti-Air Systems from Russia. All of this occurred on the same day the House unanimously passed HR75, praising the KRG for its efforts in support of our national efforts while recognizing a genocide against the Kurds as it marginalized the Assyrians by taking their names off of the ethnicity listing.

Don’t be surprised if these weapons end up making their way to YPG hands in order to be used in the Qamishli airport or their self-declared autonomous region after it has been taken over by the YPG. The airport will allow the YPG to fly out necessary legal and illegal resources to fund their military campaigns. With their proposed region tying into the Mediterranean, the reality is that now Russia will have two possible allies with access to the Mediterranean ports. Either way, the reality is that Russia will have continuous allies in the region willing to do its bidding for generations to come.

On 14 MAR 16 NEC-SE posted the article:


In the article we stated: “Contrary to the depiction of the KRI as a source of protection, empirical evidence from the Assyria Nineveh Plain in August of 2014 strongly suggests Peshmerga facilitation of the cleansing of the region’s indigenous, Christian Assyrian inhabitants. Second, the statement ‘until they can safely return to their homes in Iraq’ suggests that those IDPs in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq have somehow been displaced to another country. They in fact are in Iraq as the KRI is part of that nation. The third concern flows from the two preceding issues, which is that the entire Resolution as framed appears to exploit the Christian Assyrian crisis as a means to promote ‘Kurdistan’ and to place the Kurdistan Region of Iraq at the level of a nation state. This is of grave concern for Assyrian Christians since it is due to the very pursuit of this policy that Kurdistan nationalists in the Kurdistan Regional Government have marginalized, victimized and all but destroyed Assyrian independent, legitimate and venerable political, security and humanitarian organizations.”


On 16 MAR 16 NEC-SE posted the article: Beware the Ides of March: Putin Declares Victory as U.S. leads the peace negotiations in Syria. (ACT I)

In the article we stated: “If it falls to Saudi to take Al-Raqqa, Saudi forces will have to pass through Jordan to reach the Islamic State’s capital. But Jordan is a fragile state that may well prove unable to withstand pressures of war that the presence and combat operations of a foreign (i.e. Saudi) army will surely bring to it.”

“What’s more, Turkey will be subjected to similar pressures. How will it respond? It may support the Saudis; it may oppose them. If it decides on the latter, Turkey will become an enemy of Saudi Arabia and end up fighting Saudi forces in Syria.”

“If this happens, Russia will have turned Saudi and Turkey (both allies of the U.S., both Sunni-dominated states) against each other and possibly accomplished the destruction of Jordan in the bargain. What’s more, the ability of the United States to influence the course of events in the Middle East will have been drastically diminished. We lose; Russia wins. Check … and checkmate.”


On 19 MAR 16 NEC-SE posted the article: U.S., Israel, and Russia: The Winners and the Losers in the Middle East high stakes poker.

In the article we stated: “At the end, you can blame Russia, the U.S., and Israel for choosing friends in the region whom they cannot rely on. Sadly, because the love of money is the root of all evil, these nations will still chase financial gain thinking that it will cure all their aliments. Hopefully, they will one day realize that true partners are not bought. True partners are the ones willing to go it alone in support of the efforts to bring peace to the region, and not to make themselves the most powerful for the sole purpose of controlling the natural resources of the region or laundering money for their own benefit rather than the benefit of the people who just want to live in peace in their homes.”



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