This Easter, Stop the Crucifixion of Assyrian Christians

Today’s New York Observer article by Mr. Bradley Martins points out the issues and the topics which the Assyrian Christians are dealing with daily.

“The root of Christianity is coming dangerously close to being annihilated forever”

“In March of 2015, the U.S. House of Representatives voted unanimously to characterize the Islamic State’s atrocities in Iraq and Syria as “genocide.” Several days after this Resolution 75 was passed, Secretary of State John Kerry grudgingly acknowledged that the actions taken by ISIS did in fact constitute genocide. President Obama has yet to decide whether genocide is occurring against the Assyrian Christians and an official policy by the White House has not been formulated.”

“One thing is certain; time is running out for the Assyrian Christians in the region. Not only are Christians literally being crucified, but the root of Christianity itself is coming dangerously close to being annihilated forever. It is up to Americans of all faiths to put pressure on the Obama Administration to call the Assyrian Genocide by name—and stop it.”

This Easter, Stop the Crucifixion of Assyrian Christians

Bradley Martin is a Fellow for the Haym Salomon Center and a Research Assistant for the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research.


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  1. First the Saturday People, the Jews; then the Sunday People … The world just don’t get the message … And our political leadership has been so heavily invested in being politically correct that they have placed their arrogance above human life … Oh well, guess it’s OK since Jewish Lives Don’t Matter and Christian Lives Don’t either, as long as the contents of the body bag belong to a family other than their own.