With friends like these, Assyrians don’t need enemies.

On 21 MAR 16 Prime Minister of United Kingdom, David Cameron, stated: ‘no need’ to reconsider calling slaughter of Christians ‘genocide’

He added: “It is essential that these decisions are based on credible judicial processes,” he said.

“Not only are the courts best placed to judge criminal matters but their impartiality also ensures the protection of the UK Government from the politicization and controversies that often attach themselves to the question of genocide.

“The Foreign and Commonwealth Office have recently reviewed this long-standing position and I agree with their conclusion that there is no need to reconsider it at this time.”

He also said he could not “make specific promises about UK action through the Security Council or the International Criminal Court at this time”.

NEC-SE has some questions for PM David Cameron:

  1. Who promised the Assyrians support and a return of their lands in exchange for their much-needed support of the Allies during WWI and WWII and why did the British not follow through with their promise?
  2. Who exiled the Assyrian Church of the East Patriarch from Iraq (preventing further direct administration of his people) after all of his and his people’s unwavering support of the Allies and the British and why?
  3. The correspondence during WWI and WWII between the British government and the Assyrian Patriarchs and leadership is well documented. The British were in those times aware that the atrocities being committed against the Assyrians were genocide. With similar mass displacements and killings occurring in modern times, why does the British government refuse to recognize today’s atrocities as genocide? What standards have changed and why?
  4. Why has the UK supported US efforts to arm only the Sunni Muslim Kurds but not the Assyrian, who have been your only smallest ally in the region during the entire 20th Century?

David Cameron: 'no need' to reconsider calling slaughter of Christians 'genocide'

In an interview with K24, the Secretary-General of the Assyrian Bet al-Nahrain Democratic Party, Romyo Hakkari on Tuesday, 22 MAR 16, stated that Christians are with an independent Kurdistan Region that protects the right of all ethnic and religious groups in the Region, a democratic Kurdistan that defends minorities before Kurds.

He noted that post-Islamic State (IS), Christians who have been displaced would return to their own areas, in Nineveh Province in northern Iraq. “Christians have their own official Peshmerga military unit now, which is under the authority of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Peshmerga. The unit will participate in the future liberation of Nineveh Province from IS insurgents,” he added.

Mr. Romyo Hakkari identifies himself as an ethnic Assyrian of the Chaldean Church – a Roman Catholic oriental rite denomination.

NEC-SE also prepared a few questions for Mr. Hakkari to ask the Muslim Sunni Kurdish leadership.

  1. If One of the Beth Nahrain Democratic Party (BNDP) goals is to create an autonomous Assyrian Administrative Region within Iraq how can they accomplish this goal if they are not autonomous and are operationally controlled and administratively controlled by others?
  2. Who abandoned the battlefield and left the Assyrians to defend themselves with no weapons when ISIS attacked?
  3. Who did not in writing request the Assyrian genocide to be recognized in DC while they demanded the language of the recognition of Kurdish genocide and why?
  4. When the 10,000 Assyrians serving in the Peshmerga asked to join the only Assyrian Christian force which is command and controlled by the Assyrians to fight along side with them and secure Assyria Nineveh Plain they were told no by the Peshmerga Commander and the KRG, why?


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