Col. Maness: Obama Foreign Policy Fails Christians in Middle East

“Madisonville, LA – Candidate for U.S. Senate, retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness is offering his prayers to all of the Christians in the Middle East who were killed over the Easter weekend by Islamic Jihadists in Pakistan and Yemen and is announcing his displeasure with President Obama and all of politicians in Washington who have failed to effectively put an end to this type of barbarism.”

“Maness said, “On Friday, I spoke at a rally in Baton Rouge to draw attention to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East at the hands of Islamic Jihadists, and so I’m deeply saddened by the terrible events that unfolded over the weekend in Yemen and Pakistan, that saw a Catholic Priest crucified on Good Friday and 70 civilians slaughtered on Easter Sunday.”

“These barbaric acts against Christians have sadly become the norm in the Middle East. If President Obama and the career politicians in Congress are either unwilling or unable to effectively wipe out the scourge of radical Islam and protect our Christian brothers and sisters, then they should step aside. The events of this past weekend prove that we need leaders in Congress with true national security expertise, not faux “national security experts” who call themselves such because they sit on some committee, but those with real-world national security leadership experience.”

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