Flash: Turkish President Erdo?an’s bodyguards fist fight with Journalists outside Brooking Institute

Bodyguards for Turkish President Erdogan, who is speaking at the Brookings Institute at the moment, have engaged in fist fights with journalists. At least one journalist, Amberlin Zaman, was tackled. She was evidently rescued by and on-the-scene DC police officer.

DC police warning all to please use caution and remain clear of the area until further notice.

The incident may be related to President Erdogan’s security trying to remove non-AKP journalists from the meeting even as Brooking Institute security representatives were advocating for them to stay  they. Apparently, Brooking Institute security representatives are protecting journalists from Erdogan’s security personnel.

It is possible that the Turkish security personnel are trying to remove journalists from the area who belong to the newspaper that the Turkish government took over a few weeks ago?

Two years ago an aide of Erdogan’s, Yusuf Yerkel, was photographed kicking a grieving protester during anti-government demonstrations at the site of the country’s worst mining disaster, which claimed the lives of 301 miners.

Yerkel was only recently fired from his position.

After the incident Yerkel went on sick leave after being diagnosed with soft tissue trauma in the leg he used to kick the protester. A medical report said he was suffering from “sensitivity with leg and arm movements and difficulty with walking,” according to the newspaper Hürriyet.

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