French seize weapons cache in Indian Ocean that may have come from Iran

On 4 JAN 16 NEC-SE posted the article:  Who wins and loses when Saudi Arabia and Iran fight? The answer may surprise you!

In the article we stated: As this “crisis” between Saudi and Iran continues, both countries may realize political gains as well. Saudi Arabia will be able to assert itself as the leader of the Sunni states in the Middle East, displacing Turkey in that role while further marginalizing Egypt. By the same token, Iran will become the leader of the region’s Shia Muslims. Russia, which already enjoys friendly relations with Iran, has tried to develop a relationship with the Saudis.”

“The Iran nuclear deal’s economic effects on Iran will be felt in June 2016. However, Iran has already begun negotiating economic agreements with the EU aimed at freeing it from its dependency on U.S. markets. At the same time, Iran is using the Americans detained in Iran as leverage to minimize any economic losses it may incur prior to the June implementation of the nuclear deal.”

The CNN article states:  “Iran has been accused of arming Houthis — fellow Shiite Muslims fighting against the government in Yemen’s civil war. Stephens would not specify whether or not the United States believed the weapons shipment was headed to Houthi rebels.”

“The French seized a large weapons cache on a ship headed for Somalia on March 20, authorities said.”

“It’s the second large weapons seizure in the region this month, and both may have been headed to Yemen from Iran.”

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