31 MAR 16 Shalle’ McDonald/JNS.ORG interview of LTC Sangari on topics and issues affecting Assyrian Christians


On 31 MAR 16 Shalle’ McDonald/JNS.ORG interviewed LTC Sangari on topics and issues affective Assyrian Christians. is an independent, non-profit wire service covering Jewish and Israel news for the English-speaking world. posts:  “It is widely presumed that the Islamic State terror group essentially bears full responsibility for the near-eradication of the entire Assyrian Christian population. But understanding the complexities of how world powers interact with the Middle East can reveal surprising reasons behind the plight of one of the region’s oldest Christian communities, according to retired lieutenant colonel Sargis Sangari, an expert on the Assyrians and founder of the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement think tank.”

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