Pope Francis reneges on offer to take in Christian refugees

The article states:  Roula and Malek Abo, who had been housed in a refugee camp on Lesbos, said they thanked their lucky stars when they found out the Vatican had selected them during the pontiff’s visit to the island last week, the Daily Mail reported.

Their dreams were shattered, though, when they were informed the following day that they would not be traveling to Rome. Instead, three Muslim families were taken.

The siblings arrived in Greece on April 1 — 10 days after a controversial European Union deal called for asylum-seekers in Greece to be returned to Turkey.

Their hopes to avoid deportation now hinge on their applications for asylum.

Unfortunately, April 1st marked the Assyrian New Years (6766).  For Assyrian Christians to be rejected means death more than just being stuck in the system.

The Vatican declined comment.

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