Despite Syria Chaos, No Shift in U.N., U.S. Policy on Golan Heights

“Netanyahu’s decision to reassert Israel’s claim to the Golan Heights comes amid a U.S.- and Russia-led push for a negotiated settlement to the conflict. Israel worries that may include a renewed effort to eject it from the Golan.”

“During the April 17 cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said he had told Secretary of State John Kerry in a phone call the previous night that Israel does not oppose a diplomatic settlement of the conflict, “on condition that it not come at the expense of the security of the State of Israel.”

“The time has come for the international community to recognize reality, especially two basic facts,” he said. “One, whatever is beyond the border, the boundary itself will not change. Two, after 50 years, the time has come for the international community to finally recognize that the Golan Heights will remain under Israel’s sovereignty permanently.”

On 13 APR 16 NEC-SE posted:  “Genie Energy Stock – Golan Heights Oil Discovery Could Shake Middle East Politics. U.S. energy company Genie Energy Ltd. (NYSE:GNE) jolted almost 20% on the New York Stock Exchange today as the company announced it has found oil in the southern Golan Heights, an Israeli-occupied and disputed territory in southern Syria.  In an interview with Israel’s Channel 2, geologist Yuval Bartov, in charge of exploration for Afek Oil & Gas, the actual operator of Israel’s oil discovery, pointed out that the deposit is unique. It is contained in layers averaging between 20 to 30 yards in thickness. (Source: “Major oil reserves discovered in the Golan Heights,” Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Oct. 7, 2015.)”

The map of the Middle East is ever-changing  but the one constant through all the turmoil and strife that besets the area is the importance of oil and gas. Oil and gas are king. Establishing political and military control over the flow of oil and gas through Aleppo to Europe is the reason why Aleppo must bleed over the next few months and until “regional” players have been able to establish control over key and strategic territories.

Russia must establish and maintain a political presence on the Golan Heights for the same reason that Aleppo must bleed. Doing so will enable Russia to access and influence communications across the length and breadth of the European continent and the Middle East as well. The question is, will Russia sell out Israel’s independence and security over its need for oil and natural gas and its desire to divide Syria into two different nations, both controlled by Russia, i.e. a Syrian federalized area comprising various  Arab groups to include the Syrian Shia and a Kurdish area with access to the sea which would serve a buffer between Syria and Turkey.

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