Assyrian Army Commander: The battle for Teleskof continues

The commander of the Assyrian Army in Iraq is reporting that ISIS attacked the Iraqi city of Telskof starting at 05:55 Nineveh Time, infiltrating suicide bombers both in front of and behind Kurdish positions in the city to breach the defenses in two locations.

Swiftly exploiting the two breaches, ISIS forces overran the city in approximately one hour. But the fight continues and U.S. forces are helping, launching counterattacks and employing air assets to prevent ISIS forces from advancing further and collapsing Kurdish main defensive positions along HWY #2 three miles behind Kurdish lines.

The Pentagon has confirmed that at least one U.S. soldier lost his life in the fighting and there are unconfirmed reports that another possible U.S. soldier may have been killed in the fighting.

Additionally, Assyrian Military scouts report that U.S. air platforms destroyed two water tankers being used as VBIDS targeted for the city.  According to U.S. sources, American forces in this fight are operating only in an advisory capacity but the reality is that without our force projections the KRG will not be able to hold or take ground in Iraqi north.

America was hoping that after 26 years of involvement in Iraq that ISIS would have been destroyed, Baghadad government would not be under Iranian influence, and the Kurdish defensive lines were not being breached from behind.  Unfortunately as we have invested billions in the region and their forces the reality is that without our help they can not hold ground.

The Assyrian Army is still in the front line holding its portion of the Forward Line of Troops (FLOT), but does not have any U.S. advisory support and does not receive direct support from U.S. Government as do others.

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  1. The application of a snare or a good old fashioned bear trap is a cost effective way to neutralize an infiltrator … When the bomb goes off in the middle of a moonless night you know that you caught a big fish ..good night / Myron