German Parliament Recognition of the Armenian Genocide is a Reply to Turkish Foreign Policy Misteps

On 2 JUN 16, The German Parliament adopted a symbolic resolution declaring the killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915 a genocide. The Turkish government denounced the vote and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called his ambassador in Germany back to Ankara for consultations.

This was the first step in a long line of steps by the European Union to thank Turkey for the refugee problems it has unleashed against the EU to extract money and resources from the European Community.  It is also a reply by the West to Turkish Foreign Policy missteps.

On 11 SEP 15, NEC-SE posted the article: NEC-SE 1st year Anniversary Exclusive: Refugees are The New Oil Field for Turkey

In the article we stated:  “There is another “9/11,” to consider on September 11th, 1683. An alliance of Christian armies led by Jan III Sobieski, the King of Poland, arrived at the Gates of Vienna. This frustrated the efforts of the Turkish “immigrants” to take Vienna and Europe.”

“We now contemplate a third de-facto attack on the West today as Southeastern Europe is being overwhelmed with refugees fleeing Syria, Afghanistan, North Africa, and other lands. This brings to mind yet another important event that became the basis of the Islamic calendar: the Hejira, or journey, of Islam’s founder Prophet Muhammad and his followers to Medina. Islam counts the years from the time of Prophet Muhammad´s trip to Medina. From Medina, Islam became a theocracy and began and outward expansion with a succession of wars and campaigns against other groups within the region. Thus began the internal and external struggles to Islam, which lead to General Dempsey assertion in his speech last month where he stated: “the issues that created ISIL and earlier groups such as al-Qaida in Iraq are both internal and external to Islam and fanned by ‘extraordinarily bad governance and disenfranchisement.”

The disturbing specter of millions of refugees seeking to come to the West, and European nations being expected to take in thousands of them, contrasts eerily with the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia apparently unwilling to take any. This raises questions. Is it that they don’t want them or is this all part of a larger plan? History is prologue. Turkey is enabling this mass migration and what will the upshot be for NATO and the West?

On 20 MAY 16, NEC-SE posted an article by Bradley Martin, who is a Fellow for the Haym Salomon Center and Research Assistant for the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research.

The article titled: Turkey: no friend of Israel or the United States, was posted in THE HILL.  (The Hill is a top US political website, read by the White House and more lawmakers than any other site — vital for policy, politics and election campaigns.)

The article stated:  “Turkey wants to be the leader of Islam, given it believes itself to be the guardian of Islam as the Sultan was,” said Sangari. “Now, Saudi Arabia is in the lead of Islam, holding Mecca and Medina while being a major oil power in the region.”

“It is because of these religious, historical, and geographic realities that Turkey acts like a bully in the region. Turkey does it in order to ensure its survival. This explains why it sometimes acts against American interests. Its use of the Syrian refugees as a weapon against Europe will only get worse now. Starting this month, millions of Turkish citizens will be permitted to travel visa-free to Europe, in exchange for Turkey’s “help” in stopping the migrant crisis. There is no reason to believe that Turkey’s use of Syrian refugees as a form of extortion against Europe will stop.”

Also, in the article, Mr. Bradly Martin posed the question:  “If Turkey has proven itself to always be on the wrong side with its foreign policy and be a headache for its allies, should Israel dedicate its time, resources and other efforts to strengthening its relationship with Turkey?”

“As Israel struggles to answer this question, in light of Turkey’s current and historical role in the region, Israel needs to consider the problems the United States and NATO have experienced with regard to their ties with Turkey.”

Today NEC-SE is reminding the world community to also remember that Assyrians and Greek’s were killed during the first genocide of the 20th Century by the Same Turk’s who tried to replace them and the Armenians with the Kurd’s of 100 years ago.

Finally, on 29 MAR 16, NEC-SE posted:  Learning Nothing, Forgetting Nothing: When Turkey Revisits Anti-Assyrian Policies of the Past, Everyone Pays the Price

In the article, we stated:  “The reality is that Turkey is having to expropriate and evacuate these areas in order to control key supply nodes in preparation for war against the Kurds and against Iran. This war, if it comes, will have its roots in Turkey’s past transgressions against the loyal and peaceful Assyrian Christians who once lived within its borders. It will be a problem of Turkey’s own making. Sadly, everyone in the region–including, once again, the Assyrian Christians–will suffer for it.”

NEC-SE wants to remind Turkey that if it has any chance of being a leader in the Middle East or incorporated into the EU it might begin by reaching out to the nations it tried to eradicate in the 20th Century.


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