Erdogan: Armenia ‘genocide’ used to blackmail Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said charges the Ottoman Empire committed a genocide against the Armenians are being used as “blackmail” against Turkey, insisting that Ankara will “never” accept such accusations.

In his strongest reaction yet, Erdogan said on Saturday the German parliament’s resolution will have no impact on Turkey’s position on the issue.

“The Armenian issue is a useful blackmail opportunity against Turkey all around the world, and it is even starting to be used as a stick,” he said in a televised speech.

“I am addressing the whole world. You may like it, you may not. Our attitude on the Armenian issue is clear from the beginning. We will never accept the accusations of genocide.”

On 2 JUN 16 NEC-SE posted the article:  German Parliament Recognition of The Armenian Genocide, is a reply to Turkish Foreign Policy Missteps.

In the article we stated:  “This was the first step in a long line of steps by the European Union to thank Turkey for the refugee problems it has unleashed against the EU to extract money and resources from the European Community. It is also a reply by the West to Turkish Foreign Policy missteps.”


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