50 more Americans killed in Orlando: Will U.S. Political Policy Change?

On 1 JUN 16 I was interviewed on the Bill Martinez show about the various topics and issues facing the Assyrian Christians and also the United States when it comes to the immigration issues, ISIS, and terrorism.  During the interview I stated:

“January of this past year, the commander of the Assyrian Forces went to Arlington and paid homage to all the sacrifice that was made by U.S. personnel.”

“Whether they are American, whether they are French, whether they are Shia or Sunni Arabs, everyone who fought specifically to liberate Iraq to make it a functional Democracy, not a full democracy, a functional democracy, that spilled a lot of blood in that process, those individuals need to be honored!”

“How do we honor them? By making sure we have a political policy that allows us to have a footprint there, not to bring the Middle East here, and if you bring that concept here, we can now develop ourselves as a better democracy?”

“No!  You cannot develop it.  There are only two types of people in the Middle East.  The living and the dead. You will have the same thing here.”

Unfortunately, the current U.S. administration and our political leadership on both ends of the political spectrum, will continue to sacrifice Americans of different colors, races, religions, and beliefs at the alter of political correctness. This will continue until they have finally been humiliated enough to accept the fact that this enemy needs to be destroyed. both in the United States and in the Middle East.

How much blood do Americans need to shed both overseas and on American streets before this is realized?  Let’s see what the President will say today.

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