Surprise Egyptian Court Ruling Rejects Red Sea Islands Transfer to Saudi Arabia

Christian Science Monitor is reporting: “In a surprising setback to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, an Egyptian court nullified an agreement on Tuesday that would transfer control of two islands in the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia.”

“The conflict over the dry, uninhabited Tiran and Sanafir islands had gripped Egypt for months, since Mr. Sisi announced the transfer during a visit by Saudi monarch King Salman in April.”

Egypt chose Saudi Arabia over Turkey when it decided to turn the two islands over to Saudi. Saudi was hoping that this decision would allow it to use Egypt’s coat tales to get closer to Israel. At the end, both Turkey and Saudi lost given the fact that Sisi chose to be the only one who can deal with Israel and be its neighbor. This occurred via a proxy decision made by the Egyptian Courts to nullify the deal, given they are under his control. In closure, the neighbors who have lived together for thousands of years (Egypt and Israel) were able to use this process to validate their friendship and trust in each other.

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