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CIJR is the first and, so far, only organization of its kind to propose that Israel become a safe haven for persecuted Christians in the Middle East. NEC-SE recommends reading CIJTR’s position paper on this issue.

The current U.S. administration has made the determination that it would rather have the Sunni Muslim Kurds and the Shia of Iraq, both of whom are under Iranian influence since the taking of Kirkuk and Falujah, in control of the Assyrian Christian lands, resources, ethnicity, and destiny.

The administration is determined to exit the region once the Mosul operations are completed in order to ensure that it will not be blamed for the inevitable partitioning of Iraq. Consequently it will support only those Yazidis, Assyrians, Sunni Arabs, and other christians who are willing to serve within the regional governments or the Iraqi central government (PMF).

Accordingly, the administration is channeling Assyrians, Yazidis, other Christians, and Sunni Arabs toward government systems which are designed only to support their chosen short term actors in the region, by funneling minor leaders in various minority  organizations towards controlling systems that support Sunni Muslim Kurds (KRG Peshmirga) and Shia Arabs (Hashed Alshaby).  Sadly these actors themselves are effectively controlled by Iran and will be under pressure when Russia takes over the region.

If this process is allowed to continue unchecked, the result will almost certainly be the extinction of the Assyrian and Yazidi populations in their ancestral homelands over the next ten years.

As the United States races to abandon the region to the Russians prior to the upcoming November elections it is important for the Assyrian Christians who have no desire to serve Iranian-dominated Sunni Kurds or Shia Arabs to consider the possibility of leaving Iraq to resettle in Israel or Armenia.

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