Assyrian Army 4 July 2016 Message To the American People

The Assyrian Army (Dwekh Nawsha) is the first all-volunteer independent Assyrian military force, formed on 11 AUG 14 on the battlefield of the Assyria Nineveh Plain.  Since its formation the force has had may men and women from multiple nations to include, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Poland, Scotland, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, and numerous other countries, who have served and are serving within its ranks.

On 4 July 16 the Commander-In-Chief of the Assyrian Army penned an open letter to the American people in celebration and respect of the Americans serving with the Assyrian Army on the battlefields of Assyria Nineveh Plain.  Attached is the letter in completion.

Assyrian Army soldiers also engaged in a brief name burning commemoration ceremony honoring Americans killed liberating Iraq as part of July 4th celebration in Bakuofa, Iraq.

The Assyrian Army has been conducting this traditional ceremony since they engaged in battle in 2014. A number of the participants present in the ceremony are American Patriots who are fighting under the command and control of the Assyrian Army on the front line pitted against Islamic State militants.

A playing of God Bless America shows the true sentiment found in Assyrians-natural bridge builders between the East and the West-who deeply appreciate the help that America and its sons and daughters have offered toward assuring the security of Assyrians in the Assyria Nineveh Plain.

The Assyrian Army has been so effective that ISIL declared war against them in November of 2015 in their newsletter at the same time they declared war against France.  Below is the copy of the Islamic State Newsletter in French.

The Assyrian Army has accomplished all this without the provision of funding, training, and material support from the U.S. or any other nations or entities.  Given that they are the only independent Assyrian military force in the region they are the only ones who can chose to conduct such ceremonies and have foreign fighters from many region serve within their ranks.  All other forces in the region are either under the Kurdish Peshmerga or Iraqi Central Government PMF command and control, which is the reason, why ISIL does not see them as a credible threat.

Assyrian Army 4 July 2016 Message




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