France is attacked, NEC-SE again asks: Who Speaks for Islam? Who Should Speak for Islam?

On 28 SEP 2015 NEC-SE posted the article: NEC-SE asks: Who Speaks for Islam? Who Should Speak for Islam?


In the article we stated: “Where is the spiritual leader of Islam who can speak with authority on religious and temporal matters both to and for the world’s vast Muslim population? Where is the leader who can, or could, provide a focal point for discussing, addressing, and undertaking to resolve the many problems currently besetting the Muslim world?”

“Where indeed? Is such a leader even possible, given the nature of Islam? And if the answer to that question is no, does that mean that the aforesaid problems are insoluble?”

“Well might we ask. And well might we imagine: that if such a Muslim spiritual leader did exist, he would walk hand-in-hand with the Pope to deliver a joint address to the UN General Assembly on the need for people of all faiths to work together to solve those problems.”

“Of such things one can only dream … for now.”

“NES-SE is calling on large and influential Islamic nations in the world—in particular, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Iran—to put aside their sectarian, political, and ethnic differences and work together to choose a spiritual leader for all of Islam. Rightly or wrongly, large numbers of non-muslim world believes that this is difficult for many Muslim countries given the history of enmity and conflict, chiefly between Sunnis and Shias, that has been ongoing almost since the time of the Prophet. But, absent such a leader, peace between Muslims, and between Muslims and the rest of the world, may be highly difficult to achieve in the 21st century.”

Yesterday France was attacked again.  These attacks will continue and will claim more innocent victims given France is seen a gateway to the Western Europe from an Islamic Extremist information operation perspective.  The goal of Islamic Extremist is to ensure that a wider war is waged in France and Europe to a point where in 60 plus years if France is not destroyed it has capitulated in this war.


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