Will President Erdogan now attempt to become the life time President of Turkey?

Earlier today NEC-SE posted the article: NEC-SE expects all political opposition in Turkey to be outlawed shortly given the government is still in charge of the Judiciary.

In the article we stated: If this was staged by AKP expect the following:

  1.  If the leaders of the Kurdish party in Turkey (HDP) do not make any announcement within a few hours of this coup than expect them to be dead shortly unless they have escaped Turkey.
  2. CHP leaders may be in prison within few hours if they have not been arrested shortly.
    Even tough Turkey has 39 opposition parties in Turkey, non-have made any statements. The only opposition that will remain in Turkey after this Coup is the MHP as a token opposition party.
  3. The leadership of the MHP being deposed by internal opposition triggered this coup. All internal opposing within MHP will also be arrested.
  4. The loss of MHP leadership would have cost AKP the majority in the Parliament. This is the reason why a Coup by RTE makes sense to create a new constitution to make himself possible President for life.

There are multiple historical precedence for staged coups to retain power.  We ask our readers to look at a few of them on open source.

What happened and what is the outcome after the Coupe D’Etat, which started prior to midnight and ended by this morning.

  • The icing on the cake was the bombing of The Parliament building by Coup leaders who bombed the same Parliament that was standing in the way of President Erdogan achieving all out victory in his desires to change the constitution of Turkey and become a dictator.
  • The Military did not take any steps to ensure that he was killed or did not take, bomb or destroy the roads, airfields, and key terrain that would not allow him to return, yet the same military managed to target innocent civilians who turned them against their own Coup D’Etat.
  • None of President Erdogan’s family members were affected or in danger even when their location was well known to the Coup D’Etat military leaders and was reported to be accurate on open source.
  • The Judiciary issued arrest warrants against high court members even as the reports were coming in that the Coup D’Etat was going well and prior to the coup being over.  This means that the Judiciary, which was never in the hand of the Coup D’Etat leaders, must have believed that the coup was going to end in favor of the government and needed to begin the crackdowns against a key obstacle against President Erdogan’s ability to take more executive power.
  • More importantly the United States Government via usual reaction called for the recognition of the politically elected leadership in Turkey, (President Erdogan), who himself took a symbolic Presidential position in Turkey and turned it into an official position in 2014 and once he had done so began to purge the military and illegally pushing policies that would turn him into a dictator.
  • Erdogan will now execute multiple persons that stood against him as he consolidates power for his benefit and not the United States or Europe.
  • The current war with ISIS was possibly extended for a minimum of another five years given Erdogan has been linked to supporting ISIS since the U.S. operations in Syria identified the links to oil company interests in Turkey.

Finally, when President Erdogan begins executing his competitors we can be assured that the United States current administration and their political appointees will stand by the “democratically” elected leader who has been linked to the ISIS operations and oil sales in Syria and Iraq.

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