NEC-SE Surpasses 200,000 Likes On Facebook!

This week, NEC-SE celebrates the acknowledgement of the value we have provided to our readers on the dynamic situation in the Middle East and the Near East. In less than two years from our establishment we have received over 200,000 likes on our Facebook page and website. As of today, our postings have been read and referenced in over 133 countries out of the 257 worldwide. We are more than half way to our goal of being read globally. As of today we have been referenced in over 2,550,000 news media outlets, academic journals, and strategic think tanks. We thank our followers for your continued interest and the initiative you have taken as a result of the information we have provided for you. Please continue to support our research writing and strategic insight we have provided to our decision makers by contributing financially to supporting our continued program development. Click on this link if you wish to donate financially to our efforts and network outreach programs.


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