Assyrian People Rise, Fall, and Rising Again

Steven Weingartner is Chief Editor for the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement. Recently he contributed to an article published on the Western Free Press entitled:  Assyrian People Rise, Fall, and Rising Again.  This article was initially written in JAN of this year but as they say, timing is everything.

Excerpt:  “…the threat to Assyrians from both a powerful and warlike Anatolian state and the peoples and polities of the Levant and Lower Mesopotamia is, as this essay demonstrates, a recurrent theme in the history of the Assyrian people. Today, as in ancient times, Mesopotamia is a region of great power conflict and strife; and, just so, the Assyrian people are fully engaged in the struggle to reclaim their hold on to their lands and re-establish the Assyrian nation. It remains to be seen in the weeks, months, and even years to come whether they can achieve this objective. But they are certain that, with God’s help, they can and will create a new Assyrian nation.”

Assyrian People Rise, Fall, and Rising Again


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