Breitbart Exclusive: Christian Militias Unite Against the Islamic State in Northern Iraq

Political and religious leaders representing the distinct Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Christian communities in Iraq agreed on unifying their respective organizations, publishing a document announcing that all the different Christian groups have joined forces.

On 31 OCT 16 NEC-SE posted:  “It’s Time for All Assyrians to Call Their Elected Officials Before 8 NOV 16”

In the article we stated: “Today is the memorial marking the date when 58 Catholic Assyrians were massacred On October 31, 2010 in Our Lady of Deliverance Syriac Catholic church in Baghdad.”

“In remembernece of the date and the exact time when the killings took place, a miracle happened, and the larger Assyrian community leaders came together to sign a historic document of cooperation for the future of Nineveh Plain and its people. The signing of the document took place in the Syriac Catholic Church in Erbil Ankara at the time of the afternoon prayer when the massacres of 2010 occurred.”

“In the past the State Department, Senators, and Congressmen would always have the excuse that the reason they did not support the Assyrian community needs and request was because they were not unified. What is their excuse going to be now given this historical document has been signed. The community leaders did their part to empower the Assyrians in the west. Now it is time for the State Department appointees and Congressional leaders to do their part or to be exposed for their bias in supporting other regional polities over the larger and unified Assyrian community.”

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