Bridges to Nowhere: ISIS has sealed its doom in Iraq’s second-largest city


NEC-SE is suggesting that Iraq Army forces will be pulled out of east Mosul, to be replaced by Iraqi federal police units, which will secure ISIS hold-outs that may reconstitute in that section of the city. The Iraqi Army forces will be redeployed west of the city. When the time comes, Iraqi Army forces along with Kurdish forces in the vicinity of Sinjar and Iranian-aligned militia units positioned south and west of Mosul, near the city’s airport, will launch a multi-pronged offensive into west Mosul.

West Mosul is the “old city” with narrow winding streets that favor the defense. And the defenders are, as stated, willing fight to the last man. Even so the outcome is assured. ISIS will be eradicated in Mosul. ISIS mainly has itself to blame for its soon-to-be-realized demise. It established a reign of terror over the territories it conquered, alienating the populations under its control. Most of those populations want ISIS dead and gone. And dead and gone they soon will be: NEC-SE expects Coalition forces to secure west Mosul no later than the first week in April.



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