President Trump Puts America First

Last night in his first address to the joint session of Congress, the POTUS made it clear that members of Congress who work on behalf of foreign interests will no longer be tolerated. The same goes for the lobbying of members of Congress by other nations and governments. What that means, from the standpoint of Middle Eastern policy formulation, is that representatives of the Kurdish Regional Government and Turkey will find it increasingly difficult to buy influence in Congress through the hiring and use lobbyists, as they did in the past.   Given how lucrative lobbying is in DC this will take major legislation to enforce.

President Trump also put the world on notice that America’s interests will be our primary concern in our dealings with other nations. From now on, nations seeking our friendship and support must respect our interests; failing that, they will be politely “shown the door,” as it were, and told that they are free to solve their problem on their own, without our help.

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