29 MAR 17 LTC Sargis Sangari Interview on Trending Today with Rusty Humphries

On 29 MAR 17 LTC Sargis Sangari was Interview on Trending Today with Rusty Humphries on issues and topics related to converts to Islam being more likely to become extremists.

Countering Violent Extremist (CVE) program continues to present challenging questions centered around definitions, extent, efficacy, impact, proper guidance, training and community relations. A more proper or directed placement of the CVE effort may prove to be more effective using a community policing proactive approach, coupled with a meaningful anti-hate crime campaign, rather than being promoted solely as a Counter Terror based extension of national security protocol and priorities.

The communities of interest as a whole are usually more responsive to mutually beneficial dialogue based on open engagement and social/civic service approach. The aim remains that active engagement in CEV efforts would be viewed not merely as another option, but as an absolute necessity.

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