Referendum in Turkey: Erdo?an Wins, Turkey Loses

Excerpts: “The destruction of Turkish special forces in combat may be deliberate on Erdo?an’s part. Erdo?an doubts the loyalty of the special forces and has apparently decided that they must be radically reduced in strength before they can turn against him.”

“In this, he seems to have taken a page from the playbook of Iranian revolutionary leaders in the early 1980s. Under the shah the Iranian special forces were the elite of the Iranian army, the best such forces in the Middle East. After the shah’s overthrow, Islamic government leaders feared that those forces would prove disloyal to the new regime and should therefore be eliminated. Accordingly the special forces were sent to northern Iran to fight Kurdish rebels operating in that region. At the same time the government provided the dissident Kurds with the special forces’ tactical plans. The special forces units were subsequently destroyed in the fighting, as the government intended, after which the Iranian regular army forces were sent to suppress the Kurds.”

“This pattern appears to be repeating itself in Syria and Iraq: the Kurds are once again being used by regional and other powers against their enemies as instruments of destruction.”


Categories: Governance, Security