Barzani’s “Kurdistan:” Solutions to a Problem or Problem with No Solution?

Excerpt:  “Having Israel as a friend has proved immensely beneficial to Barzani. In return the KRG has provided Israel with the strategic depth it needs in the region to counter Iran’s ballistic missile threat. But, unfortunately for Israel, the KRG has proved to be an unreliable partner, with Barzani reportedly brokering a deal with Iran that had him revealing many details of the Kurdish-Israeli connection.”

“Of course, the Israelis are aware of Barzani’s dealings with Iran but have to date taken no retaliatory action against him. They will continue to give a pass to Barzani, especially when it come to Israel’s security concerns with Iran, unless and until they can find a more reliable partner in the region. It’s not certain they ever will. Alternatives do exist, but Israel has not explored them. The Israelis have good strategic reasons to maintain their relationship with the KRG and are therefore probably willing to put up with Barzani’s double dealings, at least for now — which is to say, for as long Israeli and Kurdish interests coincide.”


Categories: Governance, Security