Turkey vs. the PKK and other U.S. “Allies:” The Conflict Intensifies

Excerpt:  “The airstrikes in the Sinjar and Karachok Mountains are a necessary prelude for Turkish military operations in the Gandhil Mountains, which are expected to begin soon. In effect, Erdoğan is using the strikes to set the operational and strategic board for the Gandhil incursion. In doing so he is practicing a variant of a venerable Arab tactic for cowing their enemies: “strike the slave to frighten the freeman.” Just so, Erdoğan is striking the PKK in Sinjar/Karachok to give their brethren in the Gandhil Mountains something to think about, anticipate . . . and fear.”

“In modern parlance: Erdoğan is employing psy-war techniques to soften up the Gandhil Mountains PKK.”


Categories: Security

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