26 APR 17 Interview of Commander Emanuel Khoshaba and LTC Sargis Sangari by Peter Boyles

On 26 APR 17 Commander Emanuel Khoshaba and LTC Sargis Sangari were interviewed by Peter Boyles.

Some of the key points discussed were tied to Assyrian Army operations since 2014 – present, Assyrian and Yazidi realities in 2014 and today, Peshmirga use by KRG, Iraqs future as a nation, U.S, foreign policy failures in the region, Assyrians under Saddam and today, self governance for Assyrians as a nation, targeting of Christians in the Middle East on religious lines, the blood feud fight resolution between the Sunni Muslim Kurds, Sunni Arabs, and Shia Arabs, the next fight in the Middle East, and the International communities response to the genocide of the Assyrian Christians in the Middle East.