Assyrian Army Chief Honors U.S. Fallen in Iraq at Arlington National Cemetery

NEC-SE wants to remind everyone that on this Memorial Day we are blessed to have known and served with men and women who were willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to save us from Evil.

When the Assyrian Army Chief honored the fallen in Iraq at Arlington he stated it simply in the following words:

“I want to show appreciation on behalf of the Christian communities in Iraq’s Assyrian Nineveh Plain for the sacrifice that the United States made to liberate our country and for the souls of those soldiers who lost their lives to give Iraqis a good life and democracy,” Cmdr. Youkhana told Breitbart News, as tears ran down his face.

“They died for Nineveh — to liberate Assyria,” he added. “So, I just want to show respect and appreciation for their sacrifice. Really, I am filled with emotion when I see the brave heroes buried in this cemetery. I appreciate all who sacrifice to make a good life and future for other people. It’s an honor to be in the section where those who died and sacrificed for Iraqi freedom are laid to rest. It’s very important to be here.”

Being among the buried American troops who fought during World War II, the commander said he was reminded of his own father who fought for the coalition force of the United Kingdom at that time.


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