Victory in Mosul Does Not Mean That Daesh Ideology Has Been Defeated

Excerpts: “Even though the Islamic State has suffered battlefield defeat in Mosul an elsewhere in the region, it’s surviving rank-and-file can be expected to continue planning and carrying out terrorist operations worldwide.”

“Nor has it been entirely eradicated from Syria and Iraq. Far from it. In Iraq, the group still controls Tal Afar, Hawija, the Makhoul Mountains, and much of Anbar Province. On 12 JUL 17 ISIS declared Tal Afar to be part of the new Islamic State. Using Hawija as its base and operating out of the Makhoul Mountains, ISIS is well positioned to strike deep into the Iraqi heartland to gain control of key Sulaymaniyah Governorate areas in eastern Iraq, the city of Kirkuk and its adjacent oil fields, the west side of the city of Shingal, given it is controlling the eastern sector of the city, and the western Al-Anbar desert including the towns close to Al-Qa’im, Anah, and Rawah which are under its control.”


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