Is Barzani the Savior of the Kurdish “Nation,” or is He in Fact its Enemy?

Excerpts: ” Barzani may be able to obtain military aid from Israel. But the support of the Jewish state in arming the new Kurdish state will come at a very high cost, insofar as it earns him the enmity of all Arab nations.”

“If that happens, the Kurdish state is doomed from the start, and its downfall will be soon in coming. Accepting aid from Israel will result in a de facto alliance with the Jewish state. The Arab states – and, for that matter, ISIS – will not tolerate no such entity, not in the “middle of Islam.” “Kurdistan” must become an Islamic state, which means that there can be no rapprochement with Israel . . . unless Israel is willing to spearhead the creation of a new Islamic State in the Middle East, which seems unlikely.”


Categories: Governance, Security