18 AUG 17, CBN-DC Interview of LTC Sangari on Barcelona Attacks and ISIS

Excerpts: “Remember we are getting close to the anniversary of 911. Isis is losing ground physically in Syria and also Iraq so this is the next stage of the battle that they will fight on a global stage,” said retired Lt. Col. Sargis Sangari.

Sangari is the C.E.O. of The Near East Center for Strategic Engagement. He spent six years of combat deployment in the Middle East, including 22 special forces missions.

Sangari says Isis is evolving and the United States cannot stop its ideology. He says all we can do is manage it, through intelligence and capture the worst of the worst before these complex operations are carried out.

“One of the major complex attacks they were trying to achieve specifically in Spain was to be able to get into restaurants, take hostages, have the global media cover it, delay the police response and then execute those hostages,” said Sangari. “All this is written in their publication and they basically follow through what they’ve written down.”


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