How Barzani Destroyed his Kurdistan

Excerpts” As of this morning (16 OCT 2017) Kurdish aspirations for statehood in northern Iraq are dead. And KRG president Mahmoud Barzani is to blame.”

“Barzani’s refusal to back down on the issue of Kurdish statehood spurred the Government of Iraq (GOI) to take action. Ignoring warnings from Iraqi leaders and the global community, Barzani organized the referendum that saw the Kurds of the KRG voting overwhelming for independence from Iraq, forcing Baghdad’s hand.”

“Barzani made this move in part because he knew that the Peshmerga forces could not hold Kirkuk and did not want his PUK/PDK party to be blamed for losing the city. As well, he must have figured that placing a PUK party member in charge of the defense would ensure that PUK Peshmerga forces in Kirkuk would stand and fight even though their defeat was a virtual certainty.”

“But his principal reason for appointing Korast Rasuel over his son is that he had no confidence in Serwen’s ability to effectively direct Peshmerga in combat operations against the more capable and better-equipped Iraqi Army.”

“According to recent atmospherics out of Iraq, the Kurdish leadership in Erbil is blame the PUK for the loss of Kirkuk – just as Barzani thought they would.”

Kurds Fleeing Kirkuk

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