The Kurdish House of Cards is Falling

Excerpt:  “In Khanaqin district, fighting has already broken out between Kurdish groups. Yesterday, in Dohuk, Kurdish gunmen took to the streets firing rounds into the air and attacked Arab’s in the Avro City Complex near the family mall. Kurdish security forces subsequently restored quiet to the streets and have asked demonstrators to return to their homes. In Kirkuk, tensions are still high and it is possible that the Kurdish political divide may lead to additional skirmishes over the next few nights within the city.”

“The Kurds are seething with anger in reaction to the Iraqi Army’s takeover of Kirkuk and part of Assyria Nineveh Plain in the wake of the 25 SEP 17 referendum. Much of that anger is directed at their own leaders for having failed them in what is now perceived as a reckless and doomed bit for Kurdish statehood. Events of the past few days have made the Kurdish people acutely aware that the KRG is a house of cards that will soon be toppled by their leaders’ incompetence.”


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