MARTIN: Empowering Iran: Undoing Obama’s Dangerous Agenda

Excerpts from The Daily Wire:  “This leaves the Christians in Iraq in a precarious situation. Lt. Col. Sargis Sangari, CEO of the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement, says that such a policy forces Christians to fight under the PMF structure in order to receive money and support from the U.S. government.”

“Under Obama’s State Department, Iraqi and Syrian Christians were forced to join the Popular Mobilization Force in order to qualify for American aid. The PMF is an Iranian proxy that is both anti-America and anti-Israel.”

“In order to survive, Christians needed to join this Obama-approved militia, thereby forcing Middle Eastern Christians to hold positions that are anti-Western, anti-democratic and inimical to their own interests.”

“By supporting the PMF through Foreign Military Sales and Title 22 monies given to them by the Department of Defense, the Obama administration forced Iraqi Christians to fight and die for elements that hold anti-American and anti-Israel positions,” said Sangari. “This funneling of the Assyrians, Yazidis, Turkmen and others into these anti-American and anti-Israel camps is in itself anti-Western and anti-democratic.”

“The Baghdad government was granted $1.2 billion by the U.S. government in training and equipment in December 2014. One senior Obama official told Bloomberg News that the U.S. government was aware that Iraq was sending American weapons and hardware to Iranian-backed militias. This comes as little comfort to Iraqi Christians who would like very much to stand proudly by the U.S. and Israel, but as a matter of survival need to be pawns of the Iranian regime.”

Bradley Martin is a Fellow with the Haym Salomon Center for American Jewish Thought and Deputy Editor at the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research. His bylines can be found in publications such as The New York Observer, The American Spectator, and The Hill.


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