Ethnic Cleansing in Burma’s Arakan Region: The Chinese Move in and Force Ethnic Minorities Out

Excerpts: “During a 17-23 JAN 18 visit to northern and southern Thailand, a portion of NEC-SE founder and CEO, LTC Sargis Sangari’s trip (regional strategic assessment) looked into the causes of a crisis that has, in the past year alone, seen over 65,000 people forced from their homes and at least 6,000 killed. NEC-SE found that the crisis was not attributable, as is often asserted, to discriminatory polices by the government of Nobel Laureate Aung Sang Su Kyi, but rather to Burmese Army operations to ethnically cleanse Arakan of the Rohynga and other non-Burman minority groups.

Why does General Hliang and the Burmese Army take such an interest in the Arakan region, a remote and impoverished region in the far west of the country? China holds the answer. Arakan is home to the largest Chinese expansionist project in the region. The Chinese government consortium known as CITIC (China International Trust Investment Corporation) is steamrolling a $14 billion project into the region centered on the town of Kyaukphyu, where it is building a deep water port, an oil transport and processing facility, and other projects designed to take delivery of and from the Middle East and pipeline it directly to China.”