Israel International News: Assyrians, Jews and Israel

Excerpts: “Assyrians have inhabited the Middle East since the beginning of recorded history. Both secular and Christian Assyrians, unlike the Kurds, are steadfast in their pro-Jewish and pro-Israel views,”

“…both secular and Christian Assyrians continue their steadfast pro-Jewish and pro-Israel views, being a testament to the cultural elements Assyrians perceive woven between themselves and the Jewish people.

Mar Awa Royel, the first American-born Assyrian bishop in history, for example, has publicly conveyed his desire for friendship between Israel and the Assyrian people.

“Israel has stability, the ear of the world community, and the ability to be a modern state in the Middle East. Israel has withstood the test of time,” he said, according to Bradley Martin, an expert on Jewish history.

“‘We are the most Semitic of the churches,’ Bishop Royel added… When asked what a modern state of Assyria would look like, Royel stated that he would like very much to see a free Assyrian homeland for his people to live in peace within its borders. Friendship between Israel and Assyria would be mutually beneficial, with both countries being strong allies. Whereas Israel would serve as a model for a successful Middle Eastern state for Assyria, Israel would gain a strong ally in an increasingly tumultuous region.”



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