Honorable Emanuel Khoshaba, Council of Representatives (Baghdad) , Republic of Iraq, Assyrian Representative, latest interview on

Excerpts:  “Nothing has really changed for the Christians. Forced out of refugee camps, where conditions were terrible, they returned to their homes in the Assyria Nineveh Plain (ANP), which have been reduced to rubble. They have gone from nothing to nothing – their lives are shattered. I don’t call that a success for a 8000-plus year old nation.” Honorable Emanuel Khoshaba, Council of Representatives (Baghdad) , Republic of Iraq

“Many have returned to the land but not to the buildings simply because the infrastructure has been destroyed or damaged in some places beyond repair unless we commit a billion in USD to rebuild the entire ANP. Assyrian Christians who have returned to their villages now live in houses that no one can call homes,” the MP later added.

In reference to the USAID dollors he stated:  “We have been told that this money will not be used to build an Assyrian Christian nation infrastructure. This prompts the question: what will it be used for? The fact is, USAID rules and regulations make it very difficult for Assyrian NGOs to obtain that funding given they may not meet the requirements of USAID NGO approval requirements and Assyrians suspect that most of the funds will find its way into the NGOs who are empowered by Kurds.”

“Security of Christians will always remain fragile and unpredictable. That’s because the same people who abandoned the battlefield when ISIS attacked are now back in control over the Christian population,” MP Youkhanna explained. 

“Lack of security is the biggest issue,” he added. “You can build 5-star hotels in the affected area, but they’re useless to the Assyrians for as long as the same people who originally forced them out of their towns or abandoned them to ISIS control them.”


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