NEC-SE CEO, briefs the Strategic Assessment of Thailand to key Thai Military Leaders and The U.S. Embassy Force Protection Team? at Ravens Challange ASEAN 2018.

On 18 NOV 18, LTC Sargis Sangari, CEO NEC-SE, Briefed NEC-SE’s Strategic Assessment of Thailand to a selected group of Key leaders of the Thai Military commanding the fight against global terrorists in the south of the nation and the Force Protection Detachment of the U.S. Embassy in Thailand.

The briefing discussed the global influencers in regards to Thailand’s history, geographic positioning in South East Asia, and the competition between China and the Islamic nations that surround China. It answered the questions of how the insurgency will shape the battlefields of Thailand in the coming years and decade, and some key coordinations that will allow Thailand to alleviate the internal and external pressures it is currently facing as it tries to deal with this global security issue.

The coordination to synchronize the efforts of the various subject matter experts (SME’s) during Ravens Challange ASEAN 2018 is a credit to the Ravens Group International, LLC. team members tirelessly work. Ravens Group International has organized and own Raven Challange ASEAN. NEC-SE is honored to be a small part of this global team of experts that are trying to tackle the issues and topics associated with global terrorism in Thailand.


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