NEC-SE participates in Demo Range Operations in the British Sector on Day Two of Ravens Challange ASEAN 2018

On Day Two of Ravens Challange ASEAN 2018, organized and owned by Ravens Group International, LLC., NEC-SE participated in Range Operations in the British Sector, which trained the participating unit personnel on Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) Ground Sign Awareness (GSA), run by PENCARI Director, Dean A. Willimas MBE. Route Clearance, Demo Range, and Liquid Explosives, supervised by the team effort of ATOM Training team to include managing Director Andrew Cooper, Golden West’s Training Director, Mark Lasley, and Len Austin, Cambodia Country Director, and Director of Special Operations.  Mick Newbatt and Pi Na range masters along with Mark Watson put many miles of movement on the roads last week.

The soldiers and key team members of the British Sector, mentioned above, were critical to showcasing the multitude of possible approaches that operators can take when conducting route clearing missions. Thanks to all for providing the Southeast Asian community with life-saving skills.




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