How many more American soldiers have to die patrolling the streets for the Kurds and Manbij?

Earlier today (16 JAN 19), several American soldiers were killed in action while conducting a routine patrol in Manbij, Syria.  After four years, these routine patrols are supposed to be executed by Kurdish fighters operating under the control of their force commanders. However, the Kurds are continually sidestepping their military and civilian responsibilities in the region, with the result that Americans are fighting and sometimes dying in their stead.  In 2016 CF helped the Kurds take Manbij, Syria, from ISIS forces, providing them with millions in USD for that purpose. Four years have elapsed since the Kurds captured the city and the surrounding areas and, in that time, they have shown an astonishing lack of ability and willingness to govern the region competently and honestly.

Similarly, since 2003 the KRG in northern Iraq received billions from the U.S., ostensibly to secure and protect the Assyria Nineveh Plain (ANP) and Sinjar from ISIS conquest. In justifying their request for even more (and substantially higher) amounts of money, the Kurdish political leaders and their Peshmerga in Iraq and Peoples Protection Units (YPG) forces in Syria talk a big game.  The Kurds in Syria and Iraq portray themselves as more than a match for ISIS; but when push came to shove, a when relatively small ISIS force drove into the areas of northern Iraq, ISIS entered, and the Kurdish fighters in Sinjar and Peshmerga in Assyria Nineveh Plain (ANP) hastily abandoned their positions, leaving the hapless inhabitants – mostly Assyrian Christians, Yazidis, and others — to their fate. As a result of these and other failures by the Kurds to make good on their promises to administer and defend the areas under their control competently, the U.S. has arrived at an impossible-to-deny conclusion.  The only thing the Kurds are good at is taking lots of USD in exchange for services they somehow never quite perform or perform poorly.

Picture:  Kurdish Youth Attack Christmas Tree in Doha Iraq. 3 JAN 16 YouTube


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